Hard Floor Services

Hard Floor Services

Beautiful hard-surface floors can be one of the most impressive features of your building. Regular floor maintenance such as cleaning, buffing, floor striping, and sealing, is important not only for the appearance of the floor but for its protection and longevity.

Most hard surfaces tend to become scratched in high traffic areas allowing dirt, grime, and grit to build-up. This not only dulls the surface’s appearance but can also shorten the lifespan of the floor.

Keeping your hard surface floors clean, dry, and properly maintained is also an essential part of creating a safe and healthy environment for your customers, tenants, employees, guests, or family.

Correct maintenance of hard floor surfaces requires technical knowledge, expertise, and specialist equipment. Clean and well-maintained floors offer greater slip and fall protection. Using the proper cleaning and finishing techniques is critical for maintaining the slip-resistance rating of your floor.

As an industry leader in commercial cleaning, AIO Services is committed to the ongoing development of innovative cleaning procedures.

So whether your floor is tile, concrete, stone, marble, or another hard surface, we understand the unique and special attention it needs to ensure that the best possible presentation is achieved, it longevity is preserved, and that a safe and clean environment is provided.

Below are just a few Hard Floor services we offer:

  • Wood / Timber
  • Stone
  • Polished Concrete
  • Tiles

We have very thorough selection process, where all of our cleaners and technicians are personally interviewed and Police checked.